Friday, March 4, 2011

Green Depot Acquires Ecohaus

Deal adds three West Coast stores to NYC-based green building materials dealer.
By: Craig L. Webb

Green Depot, which dubs itself the nation's biggest building material dealer specializing in environmentally sustainable building products, grew even larger Monday when the New York-based company announced it has acquired Ecohaus, a similar operation with locations in Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland, Ore.

The deal creates "the first one-stop supplier for green building materials with a nationwide footprint for distribution and delivery," Green Depot said in a news release. The move comes 15 months after Green Depot established a Chicago beachhead with the acquisition of Greenmaker Supply. (Related story)

Green Depot currently has 10 showrooms in the New York boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn; Boston; Manchester, N.H.; Albany, N.Y.; Long Island, N.Y.; Newark, N.J.; Philadelphia; Newark, Del.; and Chicago. It also serves customers through its website and claims 33 warehouse distribution centers as a result of its relationship with the Marjam supply house. (Related story)

Established in 1992, Ecohaus "has been a pivotal player in the industry, introducing eco-friendly products to consumers and working with innovators in the field to bring high-quality, sustainable products to market," the announcement stated.

"Our core values and passion align completely," said Green Depot founder Sarah Beatty. "By joining forces with Ecohaus, Green Depot is strongly positioned for continued growth throughout America. We’re delighted to combine resources and work together to achieve our shared vision for a diverse, sophisticated Green supply chain--and a sustainably thriving America."

Ecohaus CEO David Silverglide said the deal builds on the West Coast's well-known appreciation for green products and "opens up promising new avenues to feed the demand for affordable, healthy, and sustainable product solutions across the country."

While the earlier deal with Greenmaker Supply called for that company to keep its name, the Chicago store eventually was renamed Green Depot. In contrast, Ecohaus' website already points to Green Depot's and it appears clear that the West Coast stores will take the Green Depot name.

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