Monday, February 10, 2014

Door Colors Gone Wild

Raucous Orange, Quixotic Plum, and Relic Bronze are some of the bold colors that color-trend forecaster Kate Smith predicts will be most popular on residential door exteriors in 2014.
Smith, president of Sensational Color, sees two trends influencing these colors. “People [are] painting their doors with exuberant hues as a way of telling the world they’re tired of spinning their wheels in place,” she says. “These people are ready to move forward, embrace challenges and show their energy through vibrant colors like Capri blue and Dynamo raspberry.”
Second, some people are looking for colors that are vibrant yet at the same time connect them to a sense of community and culture. “These simpler colors, like Classic French Grey and Polished Mahogany, give us comfort, warmth and reliability.”
Among the top 10 door colors Smith has identified for 2014, the top five that match up with the “exuberant homeowner” trend include:
·      Capri, a tropical blue that wakes up natural woods and neutral surroundings.
·      Raucous Orange, which demands attention with its energetic orange tone and makes the perfect punctuation point for the front of the home with a modern look.
·      Dynamo, a flirty violet hue that instantly updates a traditional color scheme.
·      Relic Bronze, a deep, almost brown mustard color that reflects a home’s aged beauty.
·      Quixotic Plum, a sophisticated deep purple that is both timeless and trendy.
The remaining five door colors follow the “community and culture” trend:
·      Georgian Bay, a step-above reserved blue that’s brighter and more moving than dark navy.
·      Show Stopper, a slight spin on traditional red that adds a touch of mystery.
·      Polished Mahogany, a deep, rich shade of brown with a staying power that traverses trends and captures a solid feeling.
·      Classic French Grey, a cool, neutral gray that Smith says will continue to rule the palette in 2014. 
·      Gulfstream, a bright, modern blue with an of-the-moment appeal that at the same time feels rooted in something familiar and nostalgic.
Click here to download a free copy of Smith’s e-book offering color guidance for Ranch, Colonial, Bungalow, Victorian, Spanish Mission, European and New American-style homes. 

Susan Bady -Senior Contributing Editor.  Professional Builder

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